Katie Shell

Connecting you to your own healing energies

Katie connects people to their own healing power through heart based energy work.

Katie is a Wisdom of the Earth Master Intuitive Medicinal Aromatherapist, and Traditional Usui Reiki practitioner. She is passionate about helping people to connect to their own healing energies. She believes we come into this world with an innate knowing within our bodies, and by listening to our bodies we have the road map for our journey here. 

Katie offers personalized energy work and consultations to help facilitate your healing journey. Together we address physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that have come to the surface to be heard.  

Upcoming Events

Essential Dance: Ancestors

October 20, 7-9pm

Scottsdale Neighborhood Arts Place

on the campus of  Scottsdale Congregational United Church of Christ

4425 E Granite Reef Rd, Scottsdale

This time of year many cultures celebrate those that have come before and have passed on. It is a time when the veil between worlds thins and we can connect. At this month's Essential Dance we will honor and connect with our ancestors through movement, and specially selected essential oils.
7-7:30 Guided Movement and Dance
7:30-8:15 Essential Oil Discussion
8:15-8:45 Free-form Dance, Movement, and Meditation

To schedule a consultation or make an order call (520)275.1710

Bringing the transformational powers of essential oils & dance together.

Items for the physical, emotional, & spiritual bodies